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PostSubject: SkiPouT App [ACCEPTED]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:55 pm


- How long have you played PB2? | (

- Number of kills?: 1 606   Deaths?: 962 (my acc is new btw)

- On a scale of 1 - 10, how good are you? 8

- How did you find this clan? (Critical) : Before i had a clan and iamjayzee was my member he left and later (2-3 days) I nuked my old clan and I asked iamjayzee for his clan discord link xD.

- Why do you want to join this clan and not some other clan? (Critical) Because I can make this clan legend and I think the clan tag is just absolutely boombastic cool...

- What will you contribute to Byzantium? Trust and loyality

- Have you been in any other clans? If yes, please list them.

- Why did you leave any other clans? (For if you have been in any other clans, and left them.)

- Do you know anyone in Byzantium? iamjayzee for now

- What are you good at? (EX. Making Maps, Coding, etc.) Map Making, Teaching, Practicing and etc.

- Do you play any other games? Yeah. CS:CO (Classic Offensive) PB2, GTA SA, VC, PC, CS 1.6, Crysis 2,3, DarkOrbit and etc.

- What's your favorite map? krow-railwars1 for now
Personal Questions

- What offends you? Bullying, but not so as the sabotage and betraying

- What do you think makes you unique? Im the best in the clan :l

- Are you applying for regular member? Yeah I am because I am always in discord and always playing PB2 (not in all cases)
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